HEZO-Market: we would like to introduce ourselves!


What distinguishes us

Our customers benefit from our market knowledge in both China and Germany. We have inside knowledge of both cultures, we are proficient in both languages and we have comprehensive knowledge and experience in terms of the public administration and economy.


Our offer

HEZO-Market offers you the management and competence to find the best solution for your operation. We help you to adapt optimally within constantly changing circumstances. We look forward to new challenges.


Our values

Our team enjoys its work and is passionate about it. Through our personal relationship to customers and our efficient way of working, we can achieve set goals within an optimal time frame.

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Our responsibility

At HEZO-Market we feel duty-bound to the idea of sustainability in all our undertakings and in the consulting we offer. Through experience and the continual further training of our staff, we promote a sustainable and successful solution-oriented way of thinking.

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Our management Team

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Jürgen Herrmann    Zijian Zhou-Herrmann


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Günter Herrmann     Zijun:  Büro Beijing